Gaa'Oziskwaajimekaag Gabe-gikendaasoowigamig

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Learning Center

Ed Robinson Learning Center

Ed Robinson Learning Center

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30

Learning Center Mission Statement: To support students academically guided by training that is designed to meet the needs of LLTC’s diverse population and is grounded in Anishinaabe values.

Our goal of the Nando-Gikenjigewigamig (Leaning Center) is to provide support services for all students, staff and faculty at Leech Lake Tribal College. We hope to illuminate some pathways to success, enrich students’ post-secondary experiences, and deepen their educational satisfaction. Through group study sessions, workshops, and one-on –one tutoring with both peer and professional tutors, we are committed to enhancing opportunities here at Leech Lake Tribal College.

Resources available to our students: THESE SERVICES ARE FREE

  • Learning Center Director
  • Trained Peer Mentor Tutors in various topics, such as Ojibwemowin, science, math, English, etc.
  • Computers
  • Study materials
  • Electronic textbook readers
  • Magnifiers
  • Limited office supplies
  • Designated study group sessions
  • Three quite areas to study, do homework or meet with study group
  • Microwave, toaster and small fridge for your lunches and snacks (you will be in charge of cleaning up after yourself)

We are very proud of our tutors. They have been highly recommended by instructors on campus, and they have been trained to make sure they are able to help all students who seek our services.

We look forward to getting to know all of our students on campus, the Learning Center provides an exceptional environment to study, to get as much or as little tutoring as desired to become a successful student.



Kim Dickson

Learning Center Director

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Kim Dickson
Learning Center Director