Of the many reasons to attend LLTC, the support & resources offered to potential and current students are at the top of the list. 

In addition to faculty and staff that are truly invested in your success, LLTC offers a variety of student organizations designed to elevate the student experience and release the leader within us all. The resources available on campus are administered through a variety of Centers and Departments geared towards assisting all students in their journey at LLTC. From Monday Drum Potluck, Lunch and Learns, and programs geared towards parents who are in school, LLTC has a program to take your college experience to the next level.

Monday Drum/Potluck 

In keeping with the Anishinaabe teachings of giving and communal ways, each Monday throughout the school year gives the entire campus a chance to come together in the Benny Tonce Drum Room for a meal. Staff and Faculty purchase, cook, and serve a delicious, healthy meal to everyone on the LLTC campus. The LLTC Drum is present singing songs, announcements are made and aseema is given to our elder Bob Jourdain to give a blessing for the food to give everyone strength and courage for the upcoming week. The support, care, and wellbeing for all on our campus is very evident as everyone sits together conversing and enjoying a meal together.

Student Resources
Monday Drum Feast - Soup, salad, and fruit.
Monday Drum Feast Fruit & Vegetable Tray