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Protecting Manoomin for the Next Seven Generations


Interesting Links Infested Waters of Minnesota (interactive) Survival of Wild Rice Threatened By Climate Change Protecting and Understanding Wild Rice, Sacred to Ojibwe People Leech Lake Tribal College students and the Leech Lake Division of Resource Management (LLDRM) will collaborate on a research project called Reseeding Manoomin for the Next Seven Generations. Manoomin faces many threats from climate change, pollution, and invasive species. Climate change and pollution are global issues that require collective action, but addressing the threat of invasive species can be tackled locally. This project focuses on developing a [...]

Protecting Manoomin for the Next Seven Generations2024-05-01T12:29:18-06:00

Research Page Template


Interesting Links Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Quis imperdiet massa tincidunt nunc. Feugiat pretium nibh ipsum consequat nisl vel. Lectus vestibulum mattis ullamcorper velit sed ullamcorper morbi. Sit amet commodo nulla facilisi nullam vehicula ipsum. Nibh tellus molestie nunc non blandit massa. Enim neque volutpat ac tincidunt vitae semper quis. In mollis nunc sed id. Tincidunt nunc pulvinar sapien et ligula ullamcorper. Placerat in egestas erat imperdiet sed euismod nisi. Erat pellentesque [...]

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Leech Lake Tribal College No. 1 community college in U.S.


Study: Leech Lake Tribal College No. 1 community college in U.S. http://www.bemidjipioneer.com/news/4315486-study-leech-lake-tribal-college-no-1-community-college-us#.WZt5cx_XIH8.facebook By Barry Amundson on Aug 21, 2017 at 4:02 p.m. CASS LAKE, Minn. -- Leech Lake Tribal College in northern Minnesota had some good news on their first day of classes Monday, Aug. 21. The Cass Lake college was named the best community college in the U.S. The study by personal finance website WalletHub ranked more than 700 college and technical schools across the U.S. based on affordability, student-faculty ratio, graduation rates and job placement. The Cass Lake college currently with 190 students this fall semester was established [...]

Leech Lake Tribal College No. 1 community college in U.S.2019-08-28T18:39:14-06:00

Lakeland Currents sits down with Leech Lake Tribal College


In 1990, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe established its Leech Lake Tribal College, first offering courses in extension from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, Bemidji State University, and Itasca and Brainerd community colleges. The tribal college celebrated its first graduate in 1993, and then 17 more in 1994. Today, there are approximately 350 students enrolled at the college, and it has celebrated more than 525 graduates. Join us as Larry Aitken, the founder and first President of Leech Lake Tribal College who still is an Ojibwe instructor, and Melanie Wilson, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research look back [...]

Lakeland Currents sits down with Leech Lake Tribal College2019-08-28T18:49:46-06:00

LLTC Library named in honor of Larry P. Aitken


Today, we honored Leech Lake Tribal College’s founder and first president Bezhigoogahbow “The one who stands alone” Larry P. Aitken. The event’s attendees represented a who’s who and was comprised of many trail blazers for Indian Education in Minnesota and Nationwide. Key speakers included Dr. Will Antell, Dr. Monnette, Leroy Staples Fairbanks III, LLTC President Dr. Ginny Carney, LLTC Board of Trustee Chair Vickie Howard, and MN District 5A Rep John Persell. The speakers shared wonderful stories about Larry Aitken, the hard work that was done to turn a dream into reality by starting a Tribal College here on the [...]

LLTC Library named in honor of Larry P. Aitken2019-08-28T18:58:48-06:00


Leech Lake Tribal College

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