You are unique and highly respected for your accomplishments.

You are here now, after your long journey. The LLTC Distance Education Program is here to support you.

My name is Antonio Arce, and I would like to welcome you to our Leech Lake Tribal College (LLTC) Distance Education Program.

We are glad you choose LLTC for your higher education experience. At LLTC we have programs that will accommodate your interest.  Because COVID 19, almost all our courses are online, so no matter where you are, you can access our LLTC courses.

We have excellent and unique online tools that will help you prepare for your virtual college life this semester.  These tools are available for you 24/7 and you have access to these tools with your iPhone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computers. You don’t need to be a LLTC student to access our online support tools and you can even do it as you read this online page.

Our Student Online Learner Orientation Support is designed to help you be ready for your courses at LLTC even though you are not a student yet. Let’s do it by visiting the following link:https://lltc.instructure.com/courses/353

Another of the important LLTC online tools we have is our small best collection of resources, that will help you not only with your college courses, but it can help you now during your high school experience.  We called this tool LLTC Students Quick Access, and it is available at https://lltc.instructure.com/courses/641

If after a while you decide to start college or return to college, I would like to highly recommend checking these online tools.  These important resources will help you get ready for a very good experience at LLTC.

If you would like to register at LLTC, please visit https://www.lltc.edu/office-of-admissions/

Thank you very much, for reading the information I just provided!

I hope to see you soon either virtually and hopefully in person.


Distance Education Coordinator
Phone: 218-335-4252
E-mail: first.last@lltc.edu

Distance Education Coordinator
Phone: 218-335-4252
E-mail: first.last@lltc.edu

Helpful Links/Resources

If you are taking Online Courses and/or Hybrid Courses, our Students Online Learners Orientation Support (SOLOS) is required.

0 Million
USA Student Population in College
American Indians in College (less than 1%)
0 Million
USA Women in College
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USA Men in College

American Indians in Colleges & Universities

Only 28% of American Indian College Students in the USA actually finish college. At Leech Lake Tribal College, we are here to support you and help you succeed!

Minnesota Information:

  • Only 44% of American Indians graduated from High Schools register in college. From these students, 66% enroll in 2 year colleges courses and only 34% in 4 Years-College courses.
  • Only 47% of American Indians will graduate from College.

National Center of Education Statistics
Partnership with American Indians
Minnesota Office of Higher Education Report

LLTC students at graduation ceremony