You are unique and highly respected for your accomplishments.

You are here now, after your long journey. The LLTC Distance Education Program is here to support you.

My name is Antonio Arce, and I am the Distance Education Coordinator at Leech Lake Tribal College. I facilitate online and hybrid (partly online) courses and support faculty and students to use Canvas, our learning management system.

We hope to make getting an education more convenient for the busy modern student by increasing our online offerings. We also think it’s important for our students to be technology literate, so everyone receives training in using our learning management system, Canvas. If you need help in this area, call me 218-335-4252.

All students are required to complete SOLOS a short required orientation course so that they know how to use Canvas to access their grades, find coursework, read the syllabus for each of their classes, and more. Everyone will access this portal to their courses at some point, and I’m here to help with that.

The more interest we have in online courses, the more likely we are to offer them, so be sure to let us know if you are interested in distance education. I look forward to working with you via email, online, over the phone, or face-to-face!


Antonio Arce
Distance Education Coordinator
Phone: 218-335-4252
E-mail: antonio.arce@lltc.edu

Antonio Arce
Distance Education Coordinator
Phone: 218-335-4252
E-mail: antonio.arce@lltc.edu

Helpful Links/Resources

Quick Access to Tutorials
Canvas Tutorials
LLTC Advisor
AI Online Resources
Microsoft Word Tutorial:

If you are taking Online Courses and/or Hybrid Courses, our Students Online Learners Orientation Support (SOLOS) is required.

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USA Student Population in College
American Indians in College (less than 1%)
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USA Women in College
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American Indians in Colleges & Universities

Only 28% of American Indian College Students in the USA actually finish college. At Leech Lake Tribal College, we are here to support you and help you succeed!

Minnesota Information:

  • Only 44% of American Indians graduated from High Schools register in college. From these students, 66% enroll in 2 year colleges courses and only 34% in 4 Years-College courses.
  • Only 47% of American Indians will graduate from College.

National Center of Education Statistics
Partnership with American Indians
Minnesota Office of Higher Education Report

LLTC students at graduation ceremony