Welcome Students! Thank you for choosing Leech Lake Tribal College as your resource for higher education! Your success here will not only affect your life, but your families, and community. We want to help you as much as we can in your educational journey at LLTC and beyond!

If you would like to schedule a campus visit please download and fill out the Tour Request Form and return it to Student Services.

If you are interested in enrolling at the Leech Lake Tribal College, follow these easy steps:


  • Fill out the FAFSA online (click here to start)

    Check with LLTC’s Financial Aid office 3-5 days after submitting to see if you need supporting documents.

  • Submit all OFFICIAL documents to the Office of Admissions, these include:

    • High School Transcripts or GED Transcripts

    • College Transcripts *if necessary

    • Certificate of Indian Blood/Descendancy Certificate/Non-Enrolled Descendant *if necessary

    • You should receive your acceptance letter in the mail with the address you provided!

  • Take the LLTC’s placement test

  • Meet with an Academic Advisor to register for classes!

    Sign up for orientation


The first steps to becoming a student at the Leech Lake Tribal College are simple! Here are some easy questions to help you determine the type of student you are, from first-time freshman to elder student! Keep in mind that you DO NOT have to be a descendant or member of a federally recognized tribe, we accept anyone who wants to share in the joys of learning. Please see LLTC’s open admissions policy.


You might be a First-Time Freshman if:

  • You graduated from High School or obtained a GED in the last year.
  • You NEVER attended a college or university.

You might be a Returning Student if:

  • You attended LLTC as a student in the past.
  • You left LLTC because of issues beyond your control.
  • You left LLTC to attend another university, and are now returning to LLTC.

You might be a Transfer Student if:

  • You attended any college or university other than LLTC.
  • You attended more than one college or university.

You might be an Elder Student if:

  • You are over the age of 55 and want to take one class.
  • You are NOT looking to obtain a degree.

You might be a PSEO Student if:

  • You are still currently attending High School.

If you answered yes to one or all questions in a certain category above, please use that category for Question 22 on our online application. If you are unsure of your situation please contact our Office of Admissions.


Leech Lake Tribal College has an Open Admissions Policy; this means you can enroll if you have a high school diploma or GED. Our Open Admissions Policy also means you do not have to be American Indian or descendant to attend, we welcome all to enjoy in our learning! Open Admissions also means that your High School grades or class rank are not considered when accepting students. Upon acceptance to LLTC you will take a placement test, which will determine if you need to take remedial/developmental courses before taking college-level courses.

Please understand that it is your responsibility to request official and unofficial transcripts from colleges that you have attended, as LLTC is not responsible for transcript fees or services.


If you have further questions or would like to request information, please contact our Office of Admissions by phone: 218-335-4218, or by email: admissions@lltc.edu, or stop into Student Services in Cedar Hall.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!