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Electrical Technician Certificate (Coming Soon)

The LLTC Electrical Certificate program offers an industry recognized curriculum providing the basic knowledge and skills in applied electrical theory; residential; blueprint reading; estimating; and building codes. Proper safety practices in the use of test equipment and hand and power tools are also stressed. Students gain valuable on-site electrical experience through on-site training and lab instruction are designed to build student confidence and skills which better prepare the graduates to enter into the workforce. Electricians may choose to work in electrical construction related field including sales, maintenance, low voltage or enter in to an approve apprenticeship program.  Or you may choose to further your education towards a two year residential electrical diploma (63 credits). 

Construction student working on a house.

32 Credits

General Education Required Courses (6 Credits):

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
EDU 140 Profesional Skills 3  
MATH 150 College Algebra  *College Algebra or higher is a Union Requirement 3  

Electrical Technician Certificate Required Courses (26 Credits):

 Course Code  Course Title  Credits   Pre-Req 
 ELEC 110  Intro to Electrical Circuit Theory   3  
 ELEC 114  Materials & Codes   2  
 ELEC 116  Intro Residential Wiring   2  
 ELEC 118  Residential Wiring & the NEC (NAtl elect code)   4  
 ELEC 120   Electrical Services 3  
 ELEC 124   Electrical Blueprint   2  
 ELEC 216
 Motors & Controls  3  
 ENER 210  Intro to Photovoltaics  3  

Semester Plans

Fall Semester     Credits    Spring Semester     Credits   
 MATH 150  3  EDU 140  
 ELEC  110  3  ELEC 118 
 ELEC 114
2  ELEC 120                                     
 ELEC 116 2  ELEC 124                                    
  ELEC 122  3  ELEC 216  
 ENER 210  3    
 Total credits 16   16

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