berry Trying Wild Edibles and Exploring Spearhead Lake By: Nevaeh Day
August 29, 2019

While trying wild edibles it was a new experience and it was exciting. I tried what was called a Lemonade Ant and a small plant close to the ground, heart shaped and also lemonade tasting called Oxalis stricta also known as woodsorrel among many other edibles. Our group also had the opportunity to learn about medicinals and got a chance to canoe whether it was their first time or not. My group had a hard time at first and then we got used to it I've been canoeing several times but I'm not sure if my partners had. It was a great experience either way. We also got to try edibles from the lake and learn about waterbugs! There was a canoe that tipped over! It had me worried at first, good thing we all had life jackets. This camp was a great experience for me!