tree The Pike Bay Trip
August 29, 2019

It was June 28th on a cloudy Wednesday morning, with the earth science program with LLTC. It was a 10 minutes ride to the first site, a mile passed Prescott, soon as we got there the teacher asked couple of students to grab the 2 shovels as we got off the bus and the group started to walk around, tell Mr.Moores ask the students with the shovels to start digging. He started to talk about the dirt n how it helped the ecosystem survive. After words he let us explore and analyzing the dirt around the area. Then once we got done he had the group of students follow him into the woods to do the same thing for another 10 minutes and then we went to site 2 and the other side of the highway. Once we arrived there was trees that had burnt parts on the bottom of the trunks, but it helps the ecosystem to stay living and growing, about awhile later he noticed the blue stem tall grass.