Funding Sources

The Leech Lake Tribal College does NOT offer Federal Student Loans.

Description: Grant Program (portable)

Application: FAFSA required annually

Annual Amount: $5815 maximum per academic year. Lifetime eligibility a maximum of 12 full time semesters.

Eligibility: Based on need

Deadline: Check FAFSA website and/or Financial Aid Office for deadlines.

Description: Campus-based grant program; funds awarded by institution

Application: FAFSA required annually

Annual Amount: $100 minimum

$4000 annual maximum. No aggregate limit.

Eligibility: Undergraduate students. First priority given to Federal Pell recipients with “exceptional financial need”

Deadline: Same as Pell Grant

Description: Campus-based employment program; funds awarded by institution.

Application: FAFSA required annually; must say yes to the question: “Interested in work-study?”

Annual Amount: No minimum or maximum; award is dictated by school policy

Eligibility: Undergraduate students; based on need.

Deadline: Determined by LLTC each term

Description: Grant program (portable)

Application: FAFSA required annually by 30 calendar days after the term start date, also additional eligibility worksheet required.

Annual Amount: $100 annual minimum and varies according to the “shared responsibility formula”

Eligibility: US Citizen or eligible non-citizen. MN Resident Undergraduate student who has not attended equivalent of 8 semesters of FT post-secondary education. Does not owe overpayment or in default on a student loan. Not be more than 30 days in arrears with child support payments. Enrolled for at least 3 credits. Be making SAP.

Deadline: To receive a State Grant for a term, the FAFSA must be submitted to the federal processing center within 30 days of the school’s term start date

Description: Campus-based employment program; funds awarded by institution.

Application: Same as above

Annual Amount: Dependent upon school’s policies and allocation

Eligibility: Same as above except must be enrolled for at least 6 credits

Deadline: Determined by LLTC each term

Description: State-wide Scholarship for Native students

Application: Online application at MN Indian Scholarship App

Annual Amount: $4000

Eligibility: 1/4 or more American Indian ancestry. MN Resident. Qualify for either Pell or MN State Grant.

Deadline: July 1st

Description: Grant Program; funds awarded by institution.

Application: Separate application including provider certification

Annual Amount: Depends on number of children, hours of child care required, and other factors such as yearly allocation.

Eligibility: Same as above except must be enrolled in at least 6 credits and must not be receiving MFIP benefits

Deadline: Determined by LLTC each term

Description: Varies

Application: Applications located in Student Services Office, the Tribal Education Office or Tribal Grants and Scholarships page

Annual Amount: Dependent upon funding

Eligibility: Must be enrolled in the tribe. Must be enrolled in an accredited college in an eligible program. Must apply for all financial aid including MN Indian Scholarship Program.

Deadline: Varies – Contact Tribal Education Office for specific deadlines.

Description: Grant Programs; Tribal College General Scholarship

Application: Online application at: General fund deadlines are outlined by the school and vary.

Annual Amount: Varies – no minimum or maximum

Eligibility: Native American enrolled or descendent. Must be making SAP Special Grant Program.

Deadline: Online applications for the Full Circle Scholarships are accepted January 1 – May 31. Applications submitted after May 31 will only be considered if additional funds become available. LLTC will post deadlines each term for the in-house scholarships.

Description: Contact your local Veterans Office.

Application: For additional links and information, please visit this website: Search for Military Service Education Benefits.

Annual Amount: Varies

Eligibility: Varies

Deadline: Varies

Description: Private Scholarship

Application: On January 1 new applications posted online

Annual Amount: $1000-$4000

Eligibility: Students who attend high school in the Itasca County Area (includes homeschooled students) Under the age of 25. Must be enrolled at least 1/2 time; award is prorated for enrollment at 1/4 or 1/2 time.

Deadline: May 1