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Faculty and Staff

Matt Stiehm


Matt Stiehm

Law Enforcement Program Coordinator
(218) 335-4245

Office Hours:
Monday: 10 am-3 pm
Tuesday: 9 am -2 pm
Wed: 10 am - 3 pm
Thursday: 12 pm -6 pm
Friday: By Appointment

Dr. Matthew J. Stiehm has received an Educational Doctorate from Argosy University, where the focus of his research was higher education campus safety and security. He has a Master’s Degree of Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University, with his final paper focusing on the investigation of child abuse and finally a Bachelors of Science from Wayne State College, Nebraska. He has served as a police officer in three states (CA, MN and NE), he keeps current on law enforcement trends most recently he conducted an 8 month study with Columbia Heights Police Department (MN) on Community Policing. He currently is a member of ILEETA. He currently works part time as a Corrections Officer, and Police Officer in Northern Minnesota. Dr. Stiehm is currently in conversations to conduct an in-depth use of force research project with the City of Minneapolis.

Dr. Stiehm has instructed police officers and other professionals in the areas of; peace officer rights, child abuse, use of force, leadership and interviewing for continuing education credit. He is recognized as a subject matter expert in tribal law enforcement where he focused on the disparity of Native American Officers versus Non Native Officers serving tribal land; he also focused on general training issues in Indian Country Law Enforcement. He is also a recognized authority in general police practices, training trends, and other standards. Dr. Stiehm has served as a police practices expert with local (MN) based law firms. Dr. Stiehm has been retained in Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Indiana and New York to provide "expert" opinions for use of force in federal court. Dr. Stiehm also has submitted reports to federal court for various police use of force cases.

Ed.D, Higher Education Leadership, Argosy University Twin Cities, 2010
Criminal Justice, University of Central Missouri, 2005
B.S., Social Science, Wayne State College, 1999

Research & Experience :
Dr. Stiehm has attended and received instructor certification from the following; SPEAR Level II, Blue Shield Tactical Patrol Knife Course, LOCK-Up, ASP Handcuff/Batons, ASP Integrated Use of Force Instructor Class, PepperBall Use of Force Instructor, NLETC Use of Force Certifications, SABRE Use of Force Instructor, LOCKUP Managing, and Tracking Use of Force, FLETC Active Shooter Instructor Training Program, SPEAR, Pressure Point and Control Tactics, Minneapolis Community College Use of Force Instructor, RAD-Systems, FLETC Use of Force Instructor Program, and AELE Lethal and Less Lethal Training Program. Dr. Stiehm also has worked as an adjunct instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center out of Glynco, Georgia. Dr. Stiehm is also a CLS through AELE, he has attended numerous other force training programs. Dr. Stiehm can be found on and Facebook at Stiehm Investigations. Dr. Stiehm has authored articles in POLICEONE, CORRECTIONSONE, Law Officer Magazine, ILEETA Journal, and the IACP Magazine.

Books and Book Chapters Written:
Security Supervision: The Theory and Practice of Asset Protection ( 2015) 4th Edition, Elsevier Publishing – Chapter on Use of Force

Stiehm, M. (2015) How do you define success
Stiehm, M. (2015) Reputations – What are they worth – pending publication –
Stiehm, M. (2015) Three Things to Ensure the Nobility of our Professional – Pending –
Stiehm, M. (2015) So you wanna be an expert! Are you sure? – ILEETA Journal
Stiehm, M. (2015) Police Officer to Instructor – Published – ILEETA Journal
Stiehm, M. (2015) Warrior Cop – Pending ILEETA Journal
Stiehm, M. (2015) Adapt, overcome, and survive –pending
Stiehm, M. (2015) Training, Patches and Friends – pending Policeone
Stiehm, M. (2015) Applying Graham for Solo Patrol Operations –LawOfficer Magazine
Stiehm, M. (2015) Introductions –
Stiehm, M. (2015) Top 5 musings on attending corrections academy
Stiehm, M. (2015) Top 4 Policies a Rookie Should Understand
Stiehm, M. (2015)The when’s whys and how’s of force in a correctional setting.
Stiehm, M. (2015) IACP CHPD Research review
Stiehm, M. (2015) 3 helpful hints for the first days on the job as a correctional officer
Stiehm, M. (2015) Culture or Media Hype? Warriors and Militarization – ILEETA Journal
Stiehm, M. (2015) 2015 in Review: How the Sweat/Matt Escape Shaped the national conversation about corrections
Stiehm, M. (2016) ILEETA 2016 – Passion Recharged – Law Officer Magazine
Stiehm, M. (2016) If it was easy – everyone would lead – Law Officer Magazine
Stiehm, M. (2016) Modern Policing – Law Officer Magazine
Stiehm, M. (2016) Tulsa Incident and Use of Force – Law Officer Magazine
Stiehm, M. (2016) The Reasonable Officer – Law Officer Magazine
Stiehm, M. (2017) The responsibility of force – law officer magazine
Stiehm, M. (2017) A Solemn Welcome to ILEETA 2017 – Law Officer Magazine
Stiehm, M. (2017) How do you define reasonableness? – Law Officer Magazine
Stiehm, M. (2018) Rear Sentry Take Down – Law Officer Magazine

Professional Associations:
International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association-Member
Minnesota Association of Private Investigators- Expired Regular
Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys – Expired Investigator
Police Executive Research Forum- (PERF) Subscribing Member - Expired
International Association of Chiefs of Police-Associate Member - Associate Membership - Expired
Infragard-Minneapolis Chapter-Member – Expired
Minnesota Police Chiefs Association- Supporting Member –Expired Membership
International Association of Interviewers-Charter Member/Expired
Federal Bureau of Investigations-LEEDA Member-expired
Mid-West Criminal Justice Association-Member-expired

Courses Taught:
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Selected Statutes
Police Ethics

Physical Conditioning
Con Law & Civil Liability
Evidence Procedures and Criminal Investigation
Report Writing