Epiitendaagwak Ojibwemowin – (that is how much the language is valued/worth)

Epiitendaagwak Ojibwemowin is designed to preserve and revitalize knowledge and understanding of Ojibwemowin. Epiitendaagwak Ojibwemowin consists of four core courses, two of which are required for completion of six Degree Programs offered at Leech Lake Tribal College, as well as two advanced language courses for students seeking to further their language skills.

Epiitendaagwak Ojibwemowin is led by Bob Jourdain, a first language speaker, who is dedicated to LLTC students, faculty, staff and the community and willing to share his knowledge.

Leech Lake is blessed to still have several hundred first language speakers and it is critical our traditional, cultural and spiritual well-being to speak our first language. Your higher education experience will be enhanced by the ability to think in Ojibwe concepts.