Integrated Residential Builder A.A.S.

This program integrates building science applications for energy performance (Passivhaus, zero energy ready home-DOE, Energy Star Rated) and multidisciplinary approaches from ecology, agriculture, architecture and construction into a two-year program. This program prepares you to design, build, integrate, and maintain renewable and traditional energy systems. You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of inhabitant science concepts along with orientation, use, and energy auditing skills, which allow you to perform site assessments. Graduates of this program have a working knowledge of a variety of sustainable energy technologies including solar, permaculture design, building envelope, and heating/cooling system alternatives. Our mission to design sustainable human environments puts human social and economic benefit on par with our aesthetic and environmental aims.

IRB student entering data at the solar panels

60 Credits
Integrated Residential Builder Program of Study

General Education Courses: 14 creditsClassCr.Pre-ReqTerm
* EDU 140Professional Skills Development3SP
FOR 101Intro to Forestry3SP
OJI 101Speaking Ojibwe I4FA
* MATH 100Technical Math4FA
LE Program Requirements- 46 creditsClassCr.Pre-ReqTerm
* BLTD 100Construction Codes1SP
* BLTD 110Blueprint Plans & Specs2Sp
* BLTD 114Construction Safety2FA
* CARP 112Welding I2FA
* CARP 114Framing Sustainable Design5FA
* CARP 116Foundation & Footing Design3FA
* CARP 120Interior & Exterior Finishes5SP
CARP 200Weatherization Applications in Building2FA
CARP 206Framing Sustainable Design II3SP
CARP 2143D Layout for Shop and Construction2FA
CARP 216Woodworking2SP
CARP 226Framing Sustainable Design III3FA
CARP 295Carpentry Internship3SP
* ENER 150Introduction to Renewable Energy3FA
ENER 160Sustainable Landscape Design & Site Planning3SP
ENER 200Residential Mechanical Systems3SP
ENER 210Introduction to Solar Energy2FA
Non-Course Requirement*CPR & First Aid□ Met□ Not Met
Total=60 Credits

* Complete these courses for the Residential Carpentry diploma.
Please note that some of the pre-req’s may be completed based on competency.

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