Residential Carpentry Diploma

The Residential Carpentry program coursework will provide the student with a mix of technical and general education, theory and hands-on learning experiences. The student progresses from basic skills to those required of a carpenter’s apprentice. General areas of study include building codes, blueprint reading, estimating, site building-science layout, concrete, framing, and interior & exterior finish. The program provides graduates with skills required of a carpenter in a variety of building construction settings common in rural, metro or reservation settings.  Or you may choose to further your education towards a two-year Integrated Residential Builder A.A.S. (60 credits). All of the courses in the one year Residential Carpentry program (30 credits)  are required for the two year Integrated Residential Builder A.A.S. degree program.

Residential Carpentry Program

30 Credits
Residential Carpentry Diploma Program of Study

General Education Courses: 7 creditsClassCr.Pre-ReqTerm
EDU 140Professional Skills Development3Spring
MATH 100Technical Math4Fall
RB Program Requirements- 23 creditsClassCr.Pre-ReqTerm
BLTD 100Construction Codes1Spring
BLTD 110Blueprint Reading and Construction Estimating2Spring
BLTD 114Construction Safety2Interm.
CARP 112Welding I2Interm.
CARP 114Framing Sustainable Design5Fall
CARP 116Foundation & Footing Design3Fall
CARP 120Interior & Exterior Finishes5Spring
ENER 150Introduction to Renewable Energy3Fall
Non-Course Requirement* CPR & First Aid□ Met□ Not Met
Total=30 Credits

Please note that some of the pre-req’s may be completed based on competency.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Report – Residential Carpentry Program