Early Childhood Development A.A.

This program is designed for students to receive an Associate in Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education. The program will provide students with an opportunity to customize their educational background to fit the student’s future four-year Early Childhood Education major. Leech Lake Tribal College offers a combination of culturally relevant course work, general liberal arts courses, interactive education classes, and practical experience with young children. Instructors provide individual assistance and classroom experiences that address many individual learning styles.

64 Credits
Early Childhood Education 2023-2025 Program of Study

LLTC Core Requirements: 20 creditsCr.Pre-ReqTermCK List
ANI 100Introduction to Anishinaabe Studies3FA/SP
EDU 102Miikana (FYE)3FA/SP
ENGL 101English Composition I3FA/SP
ITECH 100Computer Applications I3FA/SP
OJI 101Speaking Ojibwe I4FA/SP
OJI 102Speaking Ojibwe II4OJI 101FA/SP
Category 1: Communications: 3 creditsCr.Pre-ReqTermCK List
ENGL 201English Composition II3ENGL 101Interm.
SPCH 100Speech and Communications3ENGL 101FA/SP
Category 2: Critical Thinking (Satisfied by MNTC requirements)
Category 3: Natural Science: 7 credits
minimum: 1 Biological, 1 Physical
Cr.Pre-ReqTermCK List
Biological Science Options
BIO 121General Biology I & Lab4FA/SP
*BIO 204Environmental Science3Spring
FOR 110Woodland Plants4Fall
Physical Science Options
ENER 150Introduction to Renewable Energy3Fall
*GEOL 110Physical Geology and Earth Systems4FA/SP
Category 4: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning: 3 creditsCr.Pre-ReqTermCK List
MATH 140Concepts in Mathematics4MATH 094FA/SP
MATH 150Beginning College Algebra3MATH 140FA/SP
MATH 155Advanced College Algebra3MATH 150FA/SP
MATH 210Pre-Calculus I3MATH 155Interm.
MATH 250Calculus I3MATH 210Interm.
Category 5: History and Social Sciences: 6 creditsCr.Pre-ReqTermCK List
ECE 180Child Growth and Development3Fall
ECE 222Infant and Toddler Development3Spring
Category 6: Humanities and Arts: 9 creditsCr.Pre-ReqTermCK List
ART 100 ***Introduction to Traditional & Contemporary Art3FA/SP
and ECE 210Creative Activities with Children3ECE 180Spring
Choose another course from below
ART 102Introduction to Pottery3Interm.
ART 107Drawing I3Interm.
ART 108Sculpture3Interm.
ART 109Watercolor Painting3Interm.
ART 110Acrylic and Oil Painting3Interm.
ART 113Jingle Dress Making3Interm.
ART 114Star Quilt Making3Interm.
ART 116Introduction to Beadwork3Interm.
ART 204Moccasin Making3ART 116 or IPInterm.
ENGL 120Creative Writing3ENGL 101Interm.
*ENGL 200Literature and the Environment3ENGL 101Fall
ENGL 250Contemporary Indigenous American Literature3ENGL 101Spring
ENGL 299Special Topics in Literature3ENGL 101Interm.
MUS 250History of Anishinaabe Music and Dance3Interm.
PHIL 200Indigenous American Philosophy3Fall
Category 7: Human Diversity (Satisfied by LLTC Core ANI 100)
Category 8: Global Perspective (Satisfied by LLTC Core OJI 101)
Category 9: Ethical and Civic Responsibility (Satisfied by LLTC Core ITECH 100)
Category 10: People and the Environment-(Satisfied by BIO 204/GEOL 110/ENGL 200): 3 creditsCK List
or BIO 200Ethnobiology3Fall
ECE Program Requirements: 13 creditsCr.Pre-ReqTermCK List
ECE 201The Exceptional Child: Children with Special Needs3ECE 180Fall
ECE 220Relations and Management in Child Development3ECE 180Fall
ECE 240Children, Families and Communities3ECE 220Spring
ECE 297Preschool Practicum4IPInterm.
Total=64 Credits
Non-Course Requirement
*ECE 299CDA Transfer Equivalence/Special Topics10ECE 220Interm.

* Course completes more than one category requirement, but credits may only be counted once.
*** ART 100 is required if transferring to Southwest Minnesota State Universit
• Approved CDA certifications will be equivalent to ECE 180/220/299
Please note that some of the pre-req’s may be completed based on competency.