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Boozhoo gakina awiiya,

Recently I have seen a lot of challenges on Social Media Sites. The Winter Challenge where someone is nominated to go outside and do snow angels and then that person has to nominate other people that have to go out and do the same. This is a great way to break up the long winter we have and I’ve enjoyed seeing the videos. Recently there is the No Make-Up Challenge where females take a picture with no make-up on to show the beauty that still exists without products. After that person has posts their picture they get to nominate other woman to do the same. This got me thinking about our communities and how to better them. We at Leech Lake Tribal College would like to do an Education Challenge. If you are thinking of bettering yourself, or bettering your kid’s lives or just wanting to better your community, we offer a variety of 2 year degree and certificate programs to help you achieve your goals. You can nominate people that you know are thinking or talking about going back to or starting school. You can also comment on our Face Book page (and the link to this article) with the hashtag #lltcedchallange or tag a person and we will contact your nominee to see how we can help get them enrolled for Summer or Fall Semester. #betterlifeforyou #betterlifeforyourkids #bettercommunityforall #minobimaadiziwin


Mii gwetch

Bill Blackwell Jr

Admissions and Outreach Coordinator