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Leech Lake Tribal College Recruitment


Utilizing a Grant through the American Indian College Fund and the Northwest Area Foundation, Leech Lake Tribal College was able to create a potential student recruitment video this winter. The concept of the video is “I did it for” and the various reasons that students come to LLTC. Although not all of the reasons are shown in the video, some of the highlights include doing it for Family, Culture, Hands-on-Learning, Team, and Future. The ability to highlight and show the great work that current students are doing and the incredible educational opportunities presented should allow LLTC to attract a wider range of students, as potential students see members of their own communities succeeding. Applications are now being accepted for Fall Semester 2014 and can be done by going to LLTC: Admissions and clicking on Apply Now. We hope you enjoy the video and come join us to create your own “I did it for”.

Mii gwetch!

Bill Blackwell Jr.
Admissions and Outreach Coordinator
(218) 335-4262