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Boozhoo gakina awiiya,

As I am out in the community and in schools recruiting I keep coming back to one major differentiator for Leech Lake Tribal College. The support you are given!! Smaller class sizes give our students a chance to develop a connection with instructors, ask questions, and learn more in general. Currently we are at an 11:1 student to instructor ratio, compare that number to some of the other schools in this area and you’ll see what an advantage LLTC give to its students. Speaking of support, each Monday throughout the school year gives the entire campus a chance to come together in the Benny Tonce Drum Room for a meal. During Drum Potluck our Staff and Faculty purchase, cook, and serve a delicious, healthy meal to everyone on the LLTC campus. I have never seen another school that feeds the whole campus every week!!!! In addition to the meal, The LLTC Drum is present singing songs, announcements are made and aseema is given to our elder and language instructor Bob Jourdain to give a blessing for the food to give everyone strength and courage for the upcoming week. Contact me to schedule a time to come to campus and talk about the options that we have for school, or to come and eat with us for Drum Potluck!! I look forward to visiting with you soon.

Mii gwetch

Bill Blackwell Jr