Karl Rangikawhiti Leonard visits LLTC June 16-20 View Full Blog

June 16th-20th at Leech Lake Tribal College - Art Room

Karl Rangikawhiti Leonard Maori artist, Master Weaver, and Fulbright Scholar will be returning to Ojibwe Country as an artist in residence where he will visit communities and colleges for creative cultural exchange. His last visit to Ojibwe communities in March 2013 was with his family to make connections at tribal colleges and participate in traditional events. They had a very memorable trip where they found much generosity and welcome from our Ojibwe communities. Karl is now returning to have artist cultural exchange. He will be learning about the arts of the Ojibwe, meet artists and create his own work while he is here. He will be providing some lecture and introduction to Maori Weaving.  

Karl has said the following:“… in summing up the residency the role of my family and I was to act as ambassadors of our Maori people and of New Zealand.  To create a cultural understanding of whom we are as Māori people living in 2013 and our place in New Zealand society. To give our audiences an appreciation of us as a Māori family and whilst we might not be remembered by name, the good impression we created as Maori people will be remembered and it will set the platform and measurement for future encounters.”

One of the main values which underpin the Maori worldview is whanaungatanga (inter relationships).  High importance is placed on kinship, where everyone is related and connected and relationships must be maintained.  The relationships we have built to date with the different Indian nations have been a direct result of the kinship we share as a native people with those who have opened their doors, families and spiritual ceremonies to us.  Establishing and building whanaungatanga are difficult because it is reliant on the amount of contact. However I believe much was achieved in that small amount of time and the fruits of which are shown in the photographic evidence.