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Residential Carpentry Diploma

The program coursework will provide the student with a mix of technical and general education, theory and hands-on learning experiences. The student progresses from basic skills to those required of a carpenter’s apprentice. General areas of study include building codes, blueprint reading, estimating, site building-science layout, concrete, framing, and interior & exterior finish. The Residential Carpentry diploma program provides graduates with skills required of a carpenter in a variety of building construction settings common in rural, metro or reservation settings.

Construction student working on a house.

33 Credits

General Education Courses (10 Credits):

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
EDU 140 Professional Skills Development 3
ITECH 100 Computer Applications I 3
MATH 100 Technical Math 4

Residential Carpentry Courses (23 Credits):

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
BLTD 100 Construction Codes 1
BLTD 110 Blueprint Plans & Construction Estimating 2
BLTD 112 Construction Estimating 2
BLTD 114 Construction Safety 1
CARP 110 Framing Principles 2
CARP 114 Framing Sustainable Design 4
CARP 116 Foundation & Footing Design 2
CARP 118 Interior Environmental Design 4
CARP 120 Exterior Environmental Design 3
CARP 122 Roofing Design 2

Non-Course Requirement:

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
CPR & First Aid