Gaa'Oziskwaajimekaag Gabe-gikendaasoowigamig

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Forest Ecology A.S.

The program is designed for students to receive an Associate in Science Degree (A.S.) upon completion of the requirements. Gikenimindwaa Mitigoog translates to ‘getting to know the trees,’ an apt description for a program which provides graduates with broad based field knowledge of forest lands, the organisms inhabiting them and the systems (soil, water, air) that support them. Students complete course work designed to develop an understanding of natural systems, examine human impacts and interactions, and practice relevant field and technical skills. Students who chose this option are prepared for employment at the technician level upon completion of this degree, or they may choose to continue on into a four year program. The Forest Ecology program is intended for students with an interest in plant communities, water, forestry, wildlife and fisheries and/or recreation management.


62 Credits

Core Requirements (20 Credits):

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
ANI 100 Introduction to Anishinaabe Studies 3
BIO 111 General Biology & Lab 4
EDU 102 Path to Success 3
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3  EDU 102
OJI 101 Speaking Ojibwe I 4
SPCH 201 Speech and Communications 3  ENGL 101

General Education Requirements (12 Credits):

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
BIO 200 or BIO 204 Ethno-biology or Environmental Science 3
MATH 150 or MATH 155 College Algebra or Advanced College Algebra 4
POLSC 225 Treaty Law and Tribal Sovereignty 3
MUS 250 or ART 100 History of Anishinaabe Music and
Dance or Intro to Traditional and Contemporary Art
3  EDU 102

Program Requirements (30 Credits):

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-Req
BIO 140 Ecology 3  BIO 111
BIO 130 Wildlife Biology 4  BIO 111
FOR 101 Introduction to Forestry 3
FOR 110 Woodland Plants 4
FOR 120 Natural Resources Careers 2
FOR 130 Intro to Field and GIS Skills 2
FOR 210 Freshwater Studies 4  BIO 140
FOR 230 Dendrology 3  FOR 101
FOR 240 Survey and Measurement 2  Field Skill
FOR 260 GIS Applications 3  Field Skill